Bayfordbury wildlife recording

The Lake

The Lake in winter

The Bayfordbury Lake was created in 1772 by the Baker family. It is about 0.8 ha of open water with four small islands.

We are proud to have a native Crucian Carp (Carassius carassius) population thriving in the lake. The lake is well used by waterbirds from which Cormorants and Grey herons are only welcome with caution as they are good at catching fish.

A range of ornamental trees was planted around 1840. The most impressive ones include two Incense Cedars, Swamp Cypress, a veteran Mulberry tree with a sawn-off low side branch and Indian Bean Tree. Apart from trees, there is a colony of the nationally rare Purple Toothwort – a small plant parasitizing on the roots of poplars and willows. Yellow and White water-lilies cover the surface in summer.

White Water-lily
Purple Toothwort