Bayfordbury wildlife recording

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Some of the activities


Teaching and research at the University of Hertfordshire.

More information from UH here


Conservational work by student volunteers includes a range of tasks. This time it was making baskets to protect young Hazel from deer grazing after coppicing.

Browse through Bayfordbury Newsletters compiled by Dr. Veronica Edmonds-Brown to learn more about what happens at Bayfordbury.

Sample video clips recorded in Hook's Grove for a virtual field practical on ground flora in 2020

Introduction to Hook's Grove Ground flora in different areas of Hook's Grove

Test your identification skills with these quadrats. More resources under Identification tab. More quadrat images here

Quadrat from Old coppice Quadrat from New coppice

Snowdrop walks are held annually in the Pinetum in February. Warm or cold – sways of snowdrops are always spectacular thanks to the Friends of the Pinetum, who remove the scrub and allow snowdrops to spread.